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2011-03-08Printing process

Press is: the machine printed text and images. Generally installed version of the modern printing press, inking, stamping, feeding (including folding) and other agencies.

2011-03-08Printing roller (roller) fix brush plati...

Common printing roller (roller), mostly cast iron, cast steel, aluminum or chrome roller (roller).

2011-03-08About printing rollers

Printing roller (roller) is the core component of the printing machine, and its surface finish, geometric accuracy of the level of printing quality will have a major impact

2011-03-08PVC profile printing machine

PVC, also known as universal printing plate printer, plastic printer, etc., can be applied to any material plane, or cylindrical objects arc full-color printing,

2011-03-08Carton printing works

Carton printing presses at work, first printed text and images to be made of plates, installed in the printer, and then by hand or press the ink coating on the printed version of the text and images on local

2011-03-08What is a screen printing machine

Screen Printing: screen-process printing press printing process using the screen version of the complete machine.

2011-03-08Printing often causes problems of

Printing press in the course of the problems often occur, often damage to the mechanical, electrical fault occurs frequently, it was said the machine was too old.

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