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Printing often causes problems of

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Printing press in the course of the problems often occur, often damage to the mechanical, electrical fault occurs frequently, it was said the machine was too old.

Some of the new printing machine failure more than than the old machine. Objectively speaking, the use of the machine and the failure rate include the following factors: the quality of the machine manufacturing, installation, maintenance conditions, reasonable operation, the most important is the quality of maintenance. The quality of the machine factory exists objectively, whether a new machine or old machines, installed and commissioning is the first hurdle.

 Most of the new machine installation at the factory are good, and after quality testing, and then transported through the split packaging. Not just and reasonable level of installation, there is a check and calibration problems. The old machine even more so, as for maintenance, the use is not to say I just want to talk about the maintenance of quality:
 Maintenance is not a simple disassembly, not only have to find the causes, but also find other issues that came thus.
 There are strict time with the press relations, and the assembly tolerance and adjustment values, busy head to disassemble the machine and excessive regulation is again accelerated wear and failure of the main reasons.
Spare parts procurement and processing quality, spare parts and electrical components do not have any use of original accessories, the high cost of original parts long procurement cycle, unless a special or critical spare parts, other parts most of the parts and electrical components can be alternative , as long as the understanding of parts and components processing features. In addition to the natural damage to the machine circuit fault, the main is derived from the demolition is not installed carefully hidden faults or did not find the machine and circuit failure caused by human factors.