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2011-03-08The basic principle of porous printing

Porous printing principle is the role of the scraper, screen box, screen printing inks from wire mesh in the drain to the printed substrates

2011-03-08Characteristics of the printing press pl...

Tablet press features as follows: 1. easy to operate: no plate and repeat the process color printing, simple operation and easy maintenance;

2011-03-08Screen printing machine works

Screen printing machine printing machine is holes in the more representative of the printing equipment, it is a printed version of silk and other materials by the criss-cross woven, warp and weft clear the screen.

2011-03-08Principle of gravure printing machine

Gravure printing machine is characterized by plate dent on the graphic part, a blank part of the bulge, and letterpress printing presses of the layout structure to the contrary.

2011-03-08Offset printing press

The composition principle offset printing press, and gravure printing machine, screen printing principle. Here is the basic principle of its introduction.

2011-03-08Printing machinery structure

Printing machinery structure diagram here did not give you fat, give you detailed breakdown on! As follows: printing machinery for the production of printed materials, machinery, equipment collectively.

2011-03-08Toppan Printing

Toppan Printing is the oldest printing presses, it is the graphic part of the plate raised surface of the blank part of the dent. Estimates as you know one, do not know the other.

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