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The development of digital printing

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Digital printing press, that the use of computer printers and other digital technology development inkjet or laser printer.

This process is different from the lithography, letterpress printing, gravure, and letterpress printing in several ways:
 1, each print can be different, because the plate is not required, such as traditional methods.
 2, chemical and reduce waste of paper, because there is no need to image "to" color and check the registration and position.
 3, the ink or toner does not penetrate the substrate, as the traditional ink, but forms a thin layer on the surface, and may be added in some systems insist on using the board fixer heat process (toner) or UV-curing process (ink).

 Since the initial installation with less, it is useful and cost-effective rapid prototyping of small print runs. Digital printing is the use of personalized print, or variable-data printing (VDP or VI), such as personalized children's books, which with a specific child's name and image customization. Print enzyme demand (POD) systems also use digital printing, the number of different pages of books in the short term, combined with technology. Digital photo printing can be done from the computer files of the RGB laser light exposed, and in photographic developers and iron workers processing. These prints are continuous-tone images, and embedded in the emulsion layer of plastic coating of the dye.
 Digital Printing is the printing industry, the trend of future development, it controls the cost, to quantify the supply and demand of human progress brings more convenience.