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GD-K Laminating Machine

GD-K Laminating Machine

   This machine is suitable for laminating all kinds of plastic film, paper and al-foil. Etc. for two layers or multi-layers lamination.

☆ The whole machine adopts with double frequency motors and inverters.
☆ The first unwind adopts with EPC (Double photocell eyes).
☆ The first unwind and second unwind are both adopted with auto tension control system.
☆ Doctor blade pneumatic type;gluing by anilox cylinder.
☆ Gluing and Laminating pressure by pneumatic, pressure adjustable.
☆ Laminating cylinder heating by oil, which makes the surface temperature evenly and electricity saving.
☆ Oven with four segments auto temperature control, hot wind recycle system, energy-saving.
☆ The top of the oven open/close pneumatic type which is easy and saft to pull the material through.

Main technical parameter:

 Model  GD-600K  GD-800K  GD-1000K  GD-1200K
 600mm  800mm  1000mm  1200mm
 Mechnical speed  130m/min  130m/min  130m/min  130m/min
 Laminating speed  10-120m/min  10-120m/min  10-120m/min  10-120m/min
 Max.dia of unwind  650mm  650mm  650mm  650mm
 Max.dia of rewind  650mm  650mm  650mm  650mm
 Oven temper  110C  110C  110C  110C
 Total power  38KW  40KW  42KW  52KW
 Machine weight  4000kg  4500kg  5000kg  5500kg
 Overall dimension  9000*1530*3200mm  9000*1530*3200mm  9000*1530*3200mm  9000*1530*3200mm

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