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WFQ-1100/1300 Horizontal Type Slitting Machine

WFQ-1100/1300 Horizontal Type Slitting Machine

Usage & Feature:
   This machine is widely used for slitting rolling material of plastic film, Aluminum foil, insulation paper, adhesive paper, refection paper and each kind of reel paper. Etc. which is the main equipment for the soft packing products.

☆ Foundation&machine frame are made of cast iron, which ensures the stabel runing in high speed.
☆ Unwind adopts with EPC for correcting deviation, improving the precision of slitting.
☆ EPC foundation connect with machine body, which ensure the machine running stablely.
☆ Unwind adopts with mechanical shaft, fixed by taper bushings, which is suitable material when the paper core out of shape.
☆ Double rewinding shafts adopt with air shafts as well as pressure roller.
☆ Unwind, rewind tension controlled by seperately magnet powders.
☆ Edge guiding pipe and blower, make the wasted edge out from the right side of the machine.
☆ Indepent computerized control closet, meter counting, and stops when at pre-setting.
☆ Guide rollers all over the machine are all high hardness foil guide roller, with dynamic&static balance treatment, made by taiwai&china corporated company in shanghai.

Main technical parameter:

 Model   WFQ-1100A   WFQ-1300A
 Max.width of material   1100mm   1300mm
 Diameter of Unwind   φ600mm(Special size can make also)
 Diameter of Rewind   φ500mm(Special size can make also)
 Inner diameter of paper core   φ76mm   φ76mm
 Min.Slitting width   20mm   20mm
 Max.Slitting speed   160m/min   160m/min
 Precision of correcting deviation   0.3mm   0.3mm
 Machine Power   4kw   5kw
 Machine Weight   2000kg   2500kg
 Overall Dimension   2600*2800*1370mm   2800*2800*1370mm

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